Management of FLM has changed hands in 2019, thus there will be a few tweaks going forward into 2020. First off, there will be 2 events planned for the year, with a possible third in the works.

Secondly, we are adjusting factions for the 2020 season. NATO will become US, RUSSFOR will become MEC, and Militia will become CIV.
Our storyline for the 2020 season follows the US being terrorized by a MiddleEasternCoalition (MEC). At the same time the US is attempting to enforce disarmament of the civillian population (CIV), and there is an extremely violent pushback against that. The story will follow a fictional series of events that we hope all players will enjoy.

Thirdly, there will be some slight rules changes to follow, and those will be added here when that happens.